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Work At Home Success Story
Work At Home Success Story

Now You Can Work At Home
And Earn More

Mark and Lisa were broke. Lisa was torn between her career and staying home with the new baby due soon. But, how could she even consider giving up their second income? “When I should have been excited,” she said, “I felt awful. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Finally I decided there must be a solution.”

And there was. Just one year later, Lisa was happily working out of her home and taking care of 8 month old Patricia at the same time. Lisa’s net income was already more than she had been earning managing a real estate office. Plus, she felt really good about what she was doing now. She was making a positive difference for both her family and for many other men, women and children.

Family Franchise has helped lots of people like Mark and Lisa to find a way of making the money necessary to take care of their wants, needs and dreams, while still doing what’s best for their family. Through our unique products and exclusive business building system, our family has helped hundreds of people earn a combined total income of more than 15 million dollars. And this figure goes up by hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

If you know you want to work at home, ask yourself the following question.

Would You Invest $49 To Make $46,000 A Year Without Ever Risking A Penny?

Family Franchise is a simple, low investment direct sales business that’s guaranteed to work for anyone who follows the system. It’s designed especially for those of you who want to work at home, make a positive difference for others and still have unlimited earning potential - so you can enjoy more of the good things in life.

Our Global GNLD Business Partner and product line is recognized by top scientists around the world as the number one leader in the growing health industry. No matter what else you do, if you want to look better, feel better and have more abundant energy, you’ll want to use our health products. Why? Because they work. They’ve been scientifically proven by the SAB, the CDC and other leading scientific organizations to help you and your family stay healthy, vital and younger longer.

Whether you’re already successful or you’re feeling the financial noose tightening around your neck, you probably want more out of life. That’s only natural. Having more can enrich your own experience as well as give you the resources to make a bigger difference for others. With Family Franchise you can get everything you want in life by helping enough other people get what they want.

Tell Us What You Want
And We'll Help You Get It

So, how do you get more of what you want? Will it happen if you continue doing the same things you’re already doing right now? Will it happen if you find a new job, invest in the stock market or buy a lottery ticket? Or, someday, you might just find yourself in the right place at the right time. Well, maybe this is it.

You’re probably already doing several things that would make you successful with Family Franchise. And, you might as well get paid for what you’re already doing. If you see a good movie or read a good book, don’t you tell someone about it? Or if you find a good plumber, dentist or whatever, do you spread the word? It’s only natural. If sharing good things is something you do, then you might as well enrich yourself while you’re enriching everyone else’s life too.

Our hunch is that you’re also using some form of nutritional supplementation. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. But we’re pretty sure it’s not exactly what your body wants and needs. A bold thing to say, but nobody else offers healthy whole food nutrition from the human-food chain like our product partner does. And this distinction will make you stand out in an industry of wannabes. Once you experience the difference of GNLD healthy human-food concentrates, you won’t be able to stop yourself from sharing it. This just happens naturally. So, you might as well get paid - and paid well - for doing it.

Many people have told us what we offer is exactly what they’ve been looking for. And we suspect that right now Family Franchise is “the right place at the right time” for you too. But, before we tell you how it works, here's just a taste of what you'll get.

Free Training Worth $3,728.00
Free Support That's Priceless

3 Top Tips For Getting More Out of Life

Tip #1 Help other people get what they want.

There’s something really satisfying about helping other people get what they want. With the Family Franchise tools, products and system, the more you help others, the more you get what you want too. It’s built right into our system.

We offer a simple method that many people aren’t aware of. But, by using it, you can easily learn the skills necessary to be successful. Once we proved it worked for ourselves, we began sharing this simple system, and have now had the privilege of spreading our good will to thousands of other people around the world - enriching many lives in the process.

Not only does Family Franchise teach you these skills, but we provide the tools, products and financial opportunity to make a positive difference for many others. Because of you, people will experience greater health, wealth and happiness. Because of Family Franchise, you will get what you want by making these things happen for others. Can you think of anyone who wouldn’t want this?

Tip #2 Give people more than they’re paying for.

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that you’ve made a mistake after you’ve bought something? Sound familiar? This happens because someone “sold” you something you didn’t really want or need - like selling a refrigerator to an Eskimo instead of a polar fleece blanket. The only person who benefits is the seller.

Don’t you imagine people would like to get more value for a product or service than what they’re paying for it? You can probably think of many examples when this didn’t happen to you. But, how would you like to always receive far more value than what you pay AND provide that same benefit to others?

Family Franchise consistently delivers more than the price. This is why we enjoy an incredibly high repeat business level of 93.2%. People get extraordinary measurable results with our unique healthy human-food concentrates. And we provide proven financial success with our exclusive business model. All it takes is an enthusiastic person who can follow the path of other successful individuals before them.

Tip #3 Set an example of abundance

Nobody has ever achieved abundance and wealth by focusing on lack. Although it may not always seem like it, you already have an abundant life. But, there’s nothing wrong with wanting more. By focusing on and being grateful for the positive aspects of your life, you can attract much more of what you really want.

When you begin to set an example of an abundant life, others want to know what you’re doing. They seek you out. Only by showing them what’s possible can other people see what’s possible for themselves. Family Franchise is the perfect vehicle to achieve an abundant life for yourself. This includes more vibrant health, free time, expendable income and enriching friendships.

By giving more value than someone expects and by making a healthy, positive difference for everyone you come in contact with, you can have what you want and so can they – both physically and financially. For this you’ll be richly rewarded with your own abundant Family Franchise lifestyle. We know, because we’ve done it ourselves and helped many others to do the same.

How To Have A Great Lifestyle

Just like Mark and Lisa, maybe you’re in the right place at the right time. A better opportunity may never come your way. We’ve discovered how to make it all work and we’d like to help you to have a better life too. We’re currently ready to help 12 ambitious individuals or couples to create a successful and lucrative Family Franchise business. Maybe that’s you and maybe not. But, unless you take the next step to learn more, you’ll never know.

You can sign up for your free copy of “The Seven Universal Laws For Home Business Success,” view the business presentation, visit our product site and request your free CD. Or, you can just go ahead and give us a call today to get your questions answered. Our Toll-Free number is (888) 508-1234.

We promise you’ll get value out of any step you take. That’s our commitment. And, who knows, perhaps, like many others before you, you just might find that Family Franchise is the perfect lifestyle for you and your family.

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